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Jaana Kivi 2023 artist studio taide

Jaana Kivi describes her art as surrealism or magical realism with a little touch of abstract. She’s technically multitalented and with her versatile process, she can turn her visions into a large variety of art. She can handle multiple mixed media styles as well as classical oil techniques. That’s why it seems like impossible is only a state of mind for her, and as she once said, the mind limits our liberation towards greater potential.


Jaana was discovered at a very young age to have a talent and early on, art was a way to express herself. She started studying media design, audiovisual arts and creative writing. Later she shifted into fine art and found her way to the Mastery Program of Milan Art Institution. Currently she is working in Helsinki, Finland. Her studio is compact and contains multiple art supplies like oils, acrylics, spray paints and inks. 


For Jaana, art is a way to express the conflict between the inner and the outer world and through art she strives for an alternative world to unfold powerful ways. Jaana’s process is strong, bold, and definite at the same time. She fulfils her artworks with high energy and her process is driven by a strong vision. She loves to leave evidence and a record of her marks and brushstrokes. It’s been said that Jaana’s artworks catch the viewer’s attention, create some intrigue and empower the spectators to study and appreciate their own contradictions, visions, intuitions, bodies and souls. (Liliana Sanchez, art curator, M.A.D.S. Art Gallery)

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