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Jaana Kivi

Jaana was born in the heartland of Finland, nearby nature. She was discovered at a very young age to have a talent and early on, art was a way to express herself. Because of her unsuitability to conventionality, she recognized that art was the only rule to follow, observe humanity and walk her own way. She started studying media design, audiovisual arts and creative writing. Later she shifted into fine art and found her way to the Mastery Program of Milan Art Institution. When she ascertained her voice to be related to the deeper liberation of being human, the realization made her a professional artist. 

As an artist Jaana is technically multitalented. She describes her art as neo-surrealism or magical realism with a little touch of abstract. With her versatile process, she can turn her visions into a large variety of art. She can handle multiple mixed media styles as well as classical oil techniques. That’s why she is constantly painting two paintings at the same time, one with mixed media and other with old masters style. Seems like for her impossible is only a state of mind and as Jaana said mind limits our liberation towards greater potential.

Currently she is working in Helsinki, Finland. Her studio is compact and contains multiple art supplies like oils, acrylics, spray paints and inks. She is working as a professional artist and writer. She’s both a non-fiction and fiction author and her debut novel will be published in 2023. In the near future she will be an interesting voice in the field of contemporary arts, as well as literature.


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