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For me, art is a way to express the conflict between the inner and the outer world. With art, I tear apart my inner feeling of outsideness and collapse the outer world I don't belong to. That’s why I believe that all kind of rules and statuses limit our imagination and exist only to make us small. In the end impossible is only a state of mind that limits our liberation towards greater potential.


Through art, I strive for an alternative world to unfold powerful ways. Changing the perspective of the laws of reality can lead to a better future. That’s why I’m constantly willing to expand my perspective on reality and transform the world by shining the temptation of creation.



My process is strong, bold, and definite at the same time. I fulfill my artworks with high energy. I enjoy mixed media, texture, bright and powerful colours but also incorporating different classic styles like oil painting with old masters technique. My process is driven by a strong vision.


I love to leave evidence and a record of my marks and brushstrokes –  the energy in which it was created is shown. I’m not afraid of colour, high contrast, edges with fluid, soft and drippy style, mark making or layering. When looking at my artworks you will see a lot of variety and changes but my art still maintains my voice.

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